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Flag Football Home Page


Football is an enormous part of our country’s sports culture – the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV program in America every single year! Upward Flag Football programs are designed to introduce young athletes to the game and show why it’s so popular, while providing a safe environment to grow as an athlete and as a follower of Christ.

Upward Flag Football leagues offer a safe, dynamic, and competitive environment for young athletes to both discover and develop the skills and techniques necessary to succeed on both sides of the ball. The slate of practices and games ensures that all flag football participants receive comprehensive instruction and gain a keen understanding of the sport.

Why choose this league over ANY other Flag Football league for your athlete or cheerleader? 

We are focused on developing the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially.  We offer:

  • Flag Football for children entering Kindergarten - 12th grade.  
  • Cheerleading for children entering Kindergarten - 8th grade.
The 360 Progression Upward Sports is the only youth sports provider of the 360 Progression, which is a uniquely designed sports experience that develops the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially. As players progress through Upward Sports programming, these four teachings of the 360 Progression adapt and expand with them. It is centered on the development of Jesus found in Luke 2:52 – And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Upward Sports Athletes grow in character, confidence, faith and sportsmanship during their personal athletic journeys, and become more than just an athlete. Whenever athletes participate in any Upward Sports program, they experience the 360 Progression; regardless of age, skill level, program type, or how long they participate in the programs.

        · Mentally – Making Wise Decisions: To develop mentally, young athletes learn right from wrong by discovering game rules and understanding the objectives of the play, both of which foster a genuine love of the game. Learning to make positive choices will lead them on a path to success. Through wins and loss, athletes become equipped to use adversity and success to grow and develop into a well-rounded adult.

        · Athletically – Improving Physical Ability: Improving physical ability is a key benefit of sports participation. It is through game play that athletic foundations are formed. These foundations are strengthened through skills introduced with structured activities. This helps young athletes compete at the highest level possible and develops a consistent desire to achieve.

        · Spiritually – Embracing Life Purpose: Through Upward Sports, athletes discover and build spiritual purpose as they understand Christ’s plan for their lives and their part in it. This introduction to life’s purpose is built through intentional character lessons throughout the season. These lessons build toward the discovery of God’s Big Story.

        · Socially – Fostering Healthy Relationships: Connecting with teammates is an essential element to the development of each young athlete. As they enjoy time with others, they are also learning how important sportsmanship and selflessness are as they compete with peers and begin new relationships. These are valuable character traits that will carry them whether they choose to go further in their athletic career, or move on to other aspirations. An essential part of young athletes connecting with teammates socially is learning the importance of putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

More Than
Upward Sports is proud to introduce a new message to our partners nationwide – More Than. So what does it mean to be More Than? Being More Than means transforming our youth, church, community, and yourself MENTALLY, ATHLETICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and SOCIALLY. Through Christ we are all more than fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, coaches, and players. Upward Sports programs provide the means to introduce Jesus to our youth through sports, but also take the ministry past the X’s and O’s on the field to instill an intentional pursuit of Christ off the field.

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