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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does youth basketball or youth cheerleading cost?                                                          
The per person fee for the 2013-2014 basketball and cheerleading season is $100.00.  However, if you register by October 4th, 2013 you will receive a $10.00 discount.  *If late registrations are taken late fees may apply.

Are scholarships available?                                                                                                                                                                      
Yes, a fund has been established for those families requesting financial assistance.  Full and partial scholarships are available. If you are able to help pay any amount it helps us provide as many scholarships as possible.  Simply contact us at basketball@cincyupward.org or 513-868-8995 before you register.

How much of a time commitment is this on our family?  

One practice per week and games on Saturdays for eight weeks.  There are a total of 12 practices and 8 games.

Can I get a refund of my registration?

Absolutely, please fill out the Request for Refund form.  A $10.00 registration and processing fee will be deducted from your refund.  All refunds will be processed and sent via check after November 23st, 20l3. For refund requests made after November 23rd, a $17.00 registration and processing fee will be deducted from the refund to cover shipping the uniform back to Upward Sports.


In other sport leagues, my child did not get to play as much as other children. How is an UPWARD SPORTS league different in that regard?

UPWARD SPORTS is a youth basketball league that ensures all children will play equally. Coaches are trained with the UPWARD SPORTS substitution system and are given a schedule for substituting players in and out of the game. The set substitution system provides every child the opportunity to be in the starting lineup, requires no child to sit out back-to-back segments and allows every child to play at least half of the game.


What can I expect from coaches in an UPWARD SPORTS league?

We understands that for most participants and their families, the difference between a good and bad sports league experience is the coach. The role of the coach is to uphold the Values of UPWARD SPORTS. Their success is not always determined by wins and losses, but how they teach the game and how they convey the love of Christ to each participant.  


How can I learn about the rules unique to UPWARD SPORTS?

Rules unique to UPWARD SPORTS youth basketball are provided at www.upward.org.


What size basketball should my child practice with?

Upward Sports recommends a 25 inch basketball for K5 and a 28.5 inch basketball for 1st-6th graders. 

Why does my child only guard one particular opponent while on the court?

In UPWARD Basketball, man-to-man defense is played at all times to ensure equal match-ups of players and to provide healthy competition. Players only guard a specific opponent that closely matches his/her ability and height, which creates equal opportunity for every player. Each player matches a player with the same color wristband


What age group is UPWARD  SPORTS for and what sports are currently offered?

The Northern Cincinnati Partnership basketball program has been specifically designed for K5 through 8th grade for basketball and K5-6th for basketball cheer.  Visit www.upward.org to find locations for other sports such as soccer, baseball and floor hockey. 

Does each cheer squad have a specific team they cheer for each week?

No, squads rotate the teams they cheer for throughout the season.  

Does my daughter have to go through tryouts to make the squad?

No, UPWARD SPORTS Cheerleading squads are determined by age. She is guaranteed to be on a team.

Does UPWARD Cheerleading incorporate stunting and tumbling as part of its cheerleading program?

No, UPWARD SPORTS would like to ensure your child’s safety by only allowing activities that the participant and the coach are comfortable doing. Therefore, UPWARD SPORTS Cheerleading does not offer any tumbling or stunting tricks.


When will my child cheer on game day?

Cheerleaders cheer on the sideline during their designated Saturday games. They will also cheer during halftime and between periods.


 Contact: basketball@cincyupward.org if you did not find you question and answer here.